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As a human, you can see about 10 million different colours.
I believe every colour is beautiful, it only depends how and where it is used.

It is the first thing we perceive, whenever we look at something, no matter whether it is an object, a space, a logo, or any type of interface.

Colour can provoke strong emotions and is a powerful tool in design, when used in a purposeful and creative way.


Global colour trend forecast

Conversion of trend concepts into appropriate and relevant colour and design ideas for new products

Development of colour palettes for different product lines according to specified needs

Evolve existing products with colour, to enhance their life cycle

Reports and presentations of single colour, pattern & colour combination trends


When we talk about design inspiring our senses, many just refer to visual appearance.

Materials can of course offer a fantastic appearance, but they do so much more.

We can feel them, smell them, they can surprise us, seduce us, they can create or enhance certain functions of a product, and influence our perception of its value.

Apart from materials enhancing or even determining  the function of a product, they also influence its lifecycle, longevity and impact on the environment.


Extensive knowledge and understanding of materials and finishes, research of new and existing options or production methods to find creative solutions for a specific use or product

Constant research of latest sustainable materials and finishes

Product design, either starting with an idea and apply appropriate and meaningful material solutions, or finding an extraordinary material that generates the idea for a new design

Personal library of supplier contacts as well as physical samples of materials and finishes


People can have very different perceptions of the meaning behind the word ‘TRENDS’. Like ‘design’ it seems to be overused and misplaced at times.

The interesting part for me is the bigger picture.

Shifts in social patterns, which all consumer products respond to, do happen slowly, but constantly.
Experience and sensibility are important to notice those changes and connect the dots.


Research and interpretation of global design trends

Visit fairs & events to create trend reports and illustrations, with a product design point of view

break down trend information to more specific “micro” trends related to design language, colour, materials and finishes and use it to create appropriate solutions for future launch projects in different product fields

“Inspiration the seed. Design but the flower.”
Michael Langham


Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to not only work across many different product areas, but also with a wide range of companies around the world, from small design studios to large multinationals, as a consultant or as part of their in-house team.


After studying in Germany and South America, I started working as a designer in different places around the world and have gathered over 18 years of experience in the industry. It excites and motivates me, to use this experience for my work and at the same time learn new things every day.

On every project, I try to bring together my appreciation for beautiful forms, my interest in materials and the impact of colour. Design for me is the point where function, aesthetics and people’s emotions meet.

It’s about wonder and wondering, making things better, enthusiasm, innovation and seeing things from different angles. I find the strategic side of things as equally interesting as the aesthetic, creative part with attention to detail.


Please feel free to get in touch, if you would like to know more about my work, are looking for collaboration on a project or have something exciting to share.